A Flag and Banner Company in Chicago and so Much More

A flag and banner company in Chicago putting out exceptionally high quality flags and banners and so much more.

We’re a second generation company that’s had the good fortune to earn a loyal following in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for superior flags, banners, signs, pennant strings and commercial holiday decorations at industry best prices. ¬†With over 50 years of experience, our own manufacturing plant and decades-long relationships throughout our field, our capabilities are limitless.



Why Choose Liberty Flag & Banner?

Whether it’s a custom designed lightpole banner, a commercial holiday display or the hardware that holds everything in place we insist on products that will stand the test of time and the elements.
Our custom-designed products will never look ordinary. We employ a team of elite designers with an unmatched creative flair. Whether it’s your design or ours you can be certain the execution will be flawless down to the most minute detail.
There really is no substitute for experience and we have it aplenty. From a second generation owner to employees who’ve been working in the industry for decades, you’ll get the benefit of a company that’s seen and done it all.
From custom home flagpole installation to municipality pole banners and holiday decorations we can help with all your flag, signage and holiday decorating projects throughout Chicagoland and the entire Midwest.